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  • January 12, 2020 at 11:56 am
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Our scholarship program has two levels of appreciation, the first is national. Which is mean, we are working in collaboration with some professional schools in Haiti, in order to find scholarships in the field to help some young people to have a profession, so that in the future they can serve themselves. However, Haiti Mouvement Pour La Paix is contacting some of the colleges and universities in USA, including the Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology located in Boston. In order to help some young Haitians to benefit from a scholarship, after completing their classical studies in Haiti.

The goal of this great program is always to combat the insecurity that is becoming law in some of the country’s big cities, and very often some people use young people who have no hope for the future. generally murder people of society goods. This is why we, at the level of the organization we work very hard, we try to supervise the maximum of children and young people as possible, in order to decrease in a big way the insecurity.

Our scholarship program to major countries in North America, the Caribbean, and Europe will give no hope to our young Haitians having their High School diploma, to become an important person, but this give hope to the whole country. However, to achieve this program, the organization will need your help, such as “sponsorship.” Some universities have already responded positively, but the biggest challenge for the moment is getting a visa. That is why we will need the willing people who will accept to accept these young people at home, or pay a bedroom for each of them, as well as provide food and some basic needs for these young people during the time of studies.

You can always help us financially in a direct way so that we can collect $ 60,000 per youth in case you do not want to sponsorship our young fellows.

Sponsorship Form: This form must be filled-out by anyone who would like to sponsor a young student.

Student Scholarship Form: This form must fill-out by the young person who is in Haiti, and who would like to participate in the program.

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