As a mission based peace between Haitians around the world, and charitable organization to help children in Haiti and elsewhere who live in a situation of extreme poverty, Movement for Peace inc, operates like a strategic consulting partner for philanthropic organizations, nonprofits and the business community in the Haitian communities. As your consulting partner, we bring to the marketplace a level of consciousness in people. And the record of results for our work on transparency, accountability and collaboration between everybody and contemporary solutions to grow giving, volunteerism and social.

The insecure is one of the major problems of Haiti. Some of these young teenagers to run their packages. At the levels of Movement Pour La Paix, we work to ensure that we participate in solutions and complaint less. That’s why we commit ourselves to bodies, and minds in education. More ever, we need the assistance of everyone. If we succeed in bringing five-Hundreds “500” poor children to school in a classroom over a period of ten years, we will have four-thousands “4500 children trained and educated, coming directly from the street. And 30% of them will already have a professional degree, or third year at the university. This solution that we try to to bring has several components. Such as:

  • Find the necessary financial means, so that we can pay the full tuition during all his years of school, high school, professionals school, and university included. Support us, to have clothes and under clothes, so that his children will have no worries in this direction.
  • Find important finances that can help us feed them, at least twice a day during the years of dependence of their children, who will certainly become adults, and that the country will benefit from their services, as well as their intellectual and cultural skills. professional. And the system of insecurity has been progressing in the country for several years, a considerable deficit.
  • Help us to make modern libraries, so that young people can do free artistic and scientific research, that will allow them to stay focused.


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