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HAMOPA radio is an educational space for the culture of peace in general. According to Pablo Casals “Music drives out hate in those who are without love. It gives peace to those who are without rest, it comfort those who cry. “This is one of the main mission of the radio, as well as television.


According to Aimé Césaire “All men have the same rights … But of the common lot, there are some who have more powers than others. There is inequality. “

That is why we are engaged in a merciless struggle for peace in our communities, especially Haiti, a country that has given the taste of freedom to the black peoples of the entire world, and that today, which suffers from a crisis of chronic insecurity.

This country, in need the support of all the black people of the whole world, as a sign of recognition. This country has helped many countries in Latin America, today they recognize that Haiti represents definitively, the symbol of human freedom. Finally Haiti really needs the support of all his sons and daughters so that he can finally reborn.

Furthermore, a national dialogue is necessary and even indispensable for a definitive revival of the country. According to Paul Vaillant-Couturier “Intelligence defends peace. Intelligence hates war. “

to keep the radio on 24/7 every day, we do need you help