National reconciliation

National reconciliation It is in the Bible that it is written, every divided kingdom is called to destroy. that’s why we believe that division will not get us anywhere. Moreover, it is a real cancer that certainly prevents the development of the country. Naturally, the Haitian pope is very hospitable. In time, in the dwellings the Haitians lived together, eat together, and plant together “Prensip Kove”. In a word, they shared their miseries, their pains, their problems, their joys and happiness together.

The questions that must be asked 1- Why are Haitians today so bad towards their brothers and sisters? 2- Why are some Haitians so insane towards Haiti? This is because, precisely, there is a lack of leadership and a clear and clear vision, a lack of patriotic feeling. For decades, our leaders have not been able to do a self draining.

Political politics puts the country in a very lamentable situation, and it is up to everyone today to become aware and finally begin to put together, in order to sign a sustainable development act for the benefit of our country, the interests of our future children. That is why, the long term goal of Movement For Peace, is to work with all Haitians without any distinction, in order to promote a culture of peace and serenity between all the Haitians living around the world.

We also aim to fight a great deal internationally against the mistreatment of our brothers and sisters living there, especially in Chile, Brazil, Canada, USA, Europe, and the West Indies, especially in the United States. Bahamas and the Dominican Republic.

It should be noted that Bahamas is a place where our Haitians treated as wild beasts, and they are often killed.


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