Registration process for children in Haiti for the 2018-2019 school year

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In some remote areas of the country, the citizens are left behind, many of them live without the real presence of the state authorities, the property of the country is rather distributed, no presence of a communal school, the ‘ a high school, or a vocational school. Some adolescents between the ages of 12 and 16 have never attended a school, and for those who are lucky, they are barely in the second or third year. In fact, the situation in the back country is really precarious. That is why, for the 2018-2019 school year, members of the organization across the country are working relentlessly, with the aim of finding children who live in precarious and often inhuman situations to enroll them in the program “Let’s send them to school. The purpose of this program is to eliminate the rate of child offenders in the country.

Ptateau Central Departement

* Cerca-La-Source Town

* Thomonde Town

* Mirbalais Mirbalais

* Hinche




Sud Departement

·        Cayes Town

·        Acquin Town

·        Port-Salut Town

·        Jacmel Town




Ouest Department

·        Port-Au-Prince Town

·        Carrefour Town

·        Gressier Gressier

·        Archaie Town

·        Leogane Town

·        Degan Town

·        Petion-Ville Town


Grand-Anse Departement

·        Jeremie

·        Bomond

·        Pestel




·        Port-De-Paix

·        Saint-Louis




Artibonite Departement

·        Sain t- Marc

·        Gonaives

·        Grande Saline



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