We have plan to send 12,000 children for the new school year 2018-2019

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Education is one of the major foundations of any society. Help us send them to school. No country can develop without a solid educational system. Peace Movement Inc, also attaches great importance to education. For us, he could never have a great pix culture without a good educational system. For Rawls, education is one of the major foundations of society, especially with moral education as a guarantor of social cohesion. A principle of reparation must be applied to the less favored categories. Access to education is essential and essential to develop respect for oneself among the most disadvantaged children. It is the largest and most important thing that can be given to a child. Most importantly, we all have to get together, to do a serious job on this. According to Rawls “we must seek to give the most underprivileged the assurance of their own value, [for] this limits the forms of hierarchy and the degrees of inequality that justice allows”. And adds, “As important, if not more, is the role of education in making a person capable of tasting the culture of his society and playing a role in it, and, in this way, to give each individual the assurance of his own worth “(TJ, 132). It may be desirable to accept lower productivity gains in favor of increased “self-respect”. In fact, the rules and principles of the basic structure must not lead to a distribution of educational resources in whole or in part according to their results according to productivity criteria, but also according to their enrichment value. the social and personal life of citizens, including the most disadvantaged “. As the economy grows, an increasing share of the gains thus obtained must be devoted to an education aimed mainly at meeting this objective. “When a society progresses, [explains Rawls], Education this last consideration becomes more and more important “(TJ, 137).