Organization of a demonstration for peace in Haiti!

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Peace is something essential for the serious development of a country. From 1985 to the present day, the Haitian people live in a chronic political instability, and this puts the state in a situation of palpable weakness, the police are powerless in the face of this fact, since the police have also victim in large numbers. In fact, it creates a series of forms of insecurity in the country. Such as, zenglendo, summary execution in the streets by armed youth, and so one, and so fourth. The vast majority keep the silence, and agree to live like resigned, those who have great means blends their cars to escape the insecurity. But one fact is certain, it is that the people who are part of the Haitian diaspora are in fact the great victims, one kills them in broad daylight, one steals their goods, such as, they are executed in full daylight through the streets of the capital, and certain provincial towns, their goods are stolen, their lands, their houses, and so one, and so fourth.

One thing and certain is sure, that young people who become delinquent and who executes other people to many ends. Namely, in order to earn money to better be. have also victims, they are, because the state is complementary absent in the life of the citizens, since 1986, the authorities have little conscious of their work, the organizations of the state which should accompany the population through projects social services, do only the black market with public services, and operate in a group of friends and their political, do only do the black market with public services, and operate in a group of friends and their political families. They pass completely beside their missions.

  • Missions to build national schools, modern high schools, professional and university centers in the country so that as many children as possible have the opportunity to receive some training and education.
  • Mission to supervise the teachers of schools, to provide them a reasonable salary, so that they can feed their families, to cover them by insurance services.
  • Mission to build hospitals of serious hospitals, and to supervise the medical personnel. Mission to build serious reception centers to accommodate street.

That is why we invite you to participate in a great march for peace in Haiti, at the end of this year. whoever you are, or where you live, we are all waiting for you. To say no to all forms of violence, not to the exclusion of citizens living in Haiti and abroad, yes to integration, yes to education and the development of Haiti.

We are counting on your help, and may God keep blessing you and your family.

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