Help Childs to get Food!

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Just as we will never be able to fight insecurity in the country without a national educational plan, it is also incontestable that a child can not learn properly with an empty sale. The right to eat well is sacred. But unfortunately, thousands of children go to school every day without having had a chance to have breakfast, and often her children spend almost all day and sleep without having eaten anything. Sad to say, unfortunately it’s a pure truth.

Haiti just as in some other poor countries of the planet earth, the central state still tend to support those who are already great means, and often abandoned those who are in need.

Our food for kids program, we want to give all the kids who enroll in our schooling program for deprived children. We not only want to help them go to school, but are looking for food aids to help them get at least one hot pal at school.

We are counting on your help, and may God keep blessing you and your family.

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